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Drug Companies bring death to the American People every day in pursuit of profits, FDA winks and waits!!

Posted by Joel Friedlander | 1 Comment

Controversial Diabetes Drug Harms Heart, U.S. Concludes by GARDINER HARRIS in the New York Times tells us that government reports concluded that hundreds of people taking Avandia suffered heart attacks and heart failure, but some said the drug should remain available.

I commented on this article as follows:

Hundreds of people taking Avandia, a controversial diabetes medicine, needlessly suffer heart attacks and heart failure each month, according to confidential government reports that recommend the drug be removed from the market.”

Now, the question I must ask you is this:
We give the Food and Drug Administration the obligation to test the drugs that are on the market to keep us safe from death. Apparently, here, a drug has been in use for years that causes hundreds of heart attacks and heart failures a month. How can the FDA be doing its job if those statistics are true? Shouldn’t the concern be with what the drug does to people, and not how it will affect the drug companies bottom line if it is taken off the market? Why can’t the drug company be given six months to show why the drug should not be banned and if they fail, then the FDA can ban it?

I posit that the reason is that the FDA is an arm of the food and drug companies.

We need to get back to the idea that products are to be safe for use by ordinary people, and not just cash cows for the drug companies. They make trillions of dollars a year around the world.

And why do we let them advertise their wares on television when we know that ordinary people don’t understand what they are looking at?

In the NYTimes comments section for the aforementioned article, there are people who want to leave the drug on the market. Did this article attract an unusual number of lunatics? I especially like the person who wants to leave people with “choices.”

If an automobile company made a product that caused hundreds of injuries a month it would be off the market in a few months. If some company manufactured candy that caused any illness to people at that magnitude it would be closed down.

Some commentators say that We The People should take control of our lives and end late onset diabetes by controlling our diets and exercising. Oh, controlling diet is so very easy, isn’t it, especially when everywhere you turn there are promotions for food, food, food, and bad food at that. When you can get McDonald’s ads off the air and candy and junk food ads off the air it might be easier for people to eat right. If you have to bake your own cake you will eat it less often. The same is true of potato chips, and FRENCH FRIES and all fried foods!

I go to the gym frequently, but lets call it a health club to be politically correct. There are not too many older people working out there. The young people who make up the majority of the memberes aren’t the people at risk for stage two diabetes, but they may never get it if they keep working out. I also have a dog, and when I walk her we go two miles or more at a rapid pace; that’s good for her and good for me. You know, there are other people who have dogs that won’t walk with Molly and me. They would rather watch some reality show on television.

To recap: people wouldn’t have late onset diabetes at the levels that they are suffering from it, or as early as they are getting it if they ate properly and exercised regularly–if, say, they walked a mile to get lunch instead of driving to the restaurant or wherever they eat. Good habits can be formed, but we have turned into the most physically lazy society on earth (or at least among the top nations). You want good health, condition payment of medical bills upon proof that you exercise regularly. Put meters on the work out machines and give the person using them a readout tape with their name on it. No workout, no coverage. If that was done you would see less of a need for any kind of insulin drugs.

We need to stop taking drugs for everything when there are other ways to combat the physical problem. Take a look at the world of homeopathic medicine and see if there is something that can help you with your physical condition. Perhaps there is, but remember, the major drug companies don’t want you taking nonprescription drugs as it will effect their bottom line, so take their remarks about herbal medicines with a degree of skepticism.


One Response to “Drug Companies bring death to the American People every day in pursuit of profits, FDA winks and waits!!”

  1. Elliot Udell
    March 7th, 2010 @

    The FDA is not an arm of the drug companies but the pharmaceutical industry does have more input into what goes on inside of the FDA than they should. It has been reported that many scientists who are also on the payroll of pharmaceutical firms have also worked in the fDA on approving medications. These reports were from a few years ago. I thought by now that the fDA would have put a stop to that.

    Be it as it may, the FDA is tough on approving new medications. The problem is that drugs are tested first on animals then on small populations both for safety as well as efficacy. Its only when a drug is finally approved and marketed to the world that it meets its ultimate test of safety.Pulling potentially unsafe drugs off of the market is harder than getting them on the market. For example there was a pain killer on the market called Viox. This was in the class of drugs similar to ibuprofen but it caused less stomach problems. After being on the market for years and prescribed by virtually every physician, it was determined in an incidental study that the drug caused heart attacks. Intitially the drug company fought the findings. It was only after another study that confirmed the findings that the company voluntarily pulled the product off of the market. It was not the FDA, the drug company that pulled it.

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