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I’m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

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The Bureau of Labor Statistice,, stated on October 2, 2009, that since the recession began in December, 2007,   7,600,000 jobs have been lost, 4,453,000 of them since November, 2008.  Today the government reported that the governments stimulus program has created approximately 30,000 new jobs.  At that rate, from November, 08 to September, 09 the government has created 1 new job for every 148.43 that were lost.  Looking at the losses from December, 07 to present the government has created one new job for every 253.33 jobs that were lost.  Do you see a problem with the stimulus program?  It is a joke.

Fortunes of money, in direct subsidies and in no interest loans were used to rescue Wall Street, which is now doing just fine, thank you, and ready to give enormous new bonuses to its workers for their creativity and profits.  The working people of this country, who have an unemployment rate of 9.8% at present -wait until next month however – have had virtually nothing done to help them.  The reason?

The reason is that the working people haven’t bought the members of Congress!

How about eliminating the payroll tax for a year or so that people will have money to spend to buy things and get small business going?

How about creating a new Works Progress Administration?

How about firing Geithner, Summers and all their ilk so that people who aren’t totally owned by the market can work to put us back on the job?

How about no interest loans to small businesses instead of just to investment banks?

How about doing something instead of nothing!

Thus far the Obama Administration has been a joke on the working people of the United States.  How long are we going to stand this inaction?   When will we get so mad that we won’t take it anymore?  When will we take to the streets?


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