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Waiters running

Posted by Paul Woodland | 2 Comments

Waiters RunningI have no idea, but it is quite amusing.


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  1. Pedro Almodovar
    August 19th, 2008 @

    Every year, the border town of Lukeville, Arizona holds a competition in which 20 U.S. green cards are awarded to those Latin American immigrants who successfully compete in a series of Olympic-style events in the major categories of food service, household maintenance and exploiting U.S. social services.

    The wine relay is part of the first category. Winners are sent to Manhattan. Losers are sent to the Bronx.

    In the social services category, points are awarded for immigrants who can most quickly obtain free healthcare and education for their children as well as food stamps and subsidized housing while providing inauthentic or widely overused fake documentation. The record in this category remains 2 hours.

  2. Hermanito
    August 20th, 2008 @

    My hat’s off to you, Pedro. Couldn’t have parodied it better. ;-)

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