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At The Bar: Mount Gay Eclipse and Eclipse Silver Rum

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 3 Comments

You may not be familiar with Mount Gay Rum, but that isn’t because they are a new company or anything. In fact, Mount Gay has probably been around longer then most of the rums you are familiar with, they opened the doors to their distillery in 1703 in Barbados and have been churning out rum ever since then. Having had a relatively low-key presence in the states (well, unless you’re a sailor or went to a college with a sailing team that is), Mount Gay has recently been working on making a splash (you may have noticed that in the most recent James Bond flick the first drink he orders is a Mount Gay and coke instead of his trademark martini).

I recently had the chance to crack open not one, but two bottles of Mount Gay, their Eclipse and the their Eclipse Silver, these are pretty much the foundation the company was built on. Mount Gay Eclipse is a dark rum as the name would suggest, and Mount Gay Eclipse Silver, a white rum. Now, I am not a rum connoisseur by any means, but these were pretty tasty rums.

Okay, so first let me specify that the Mount Gay Eclipse is a dark rum, a lot of people look at dark rums and think they are spiced, dark rums are not spiced rums. A lot of spiced rums are white rums with additives, dark rums are aged, the aging process is what gives them their brown or gold colors.

Now you are probably wondering about the taste, as I said, these are both pretty good rums. The Mount Gay Eclipse Silver (the white rum) isn’t super tasty, but that isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t overly powerful, it doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth and makes a perfect mixer. It makes a nice simple go to rum for making a rum based mixed drink. You get a nice smooth rum flavor, a taste of its sugar cane origins and some super subtle hints of some tropical fruits (from some research it sounds like those fruits might be bananas). This is the type of rum I’d like to have mixed in to a mojito.

The Mount Gay Eclipse is the dark rum and has a richer flavor. You can taste some similar flavors to those present in the Eclipse Silver, but slightly stronger. The flavors here seem to meld better, I would say this would add a nice taste to Pina Coladas as it wouldn’t be totally drowned out or overwhelmed by the coconut and pineapple or, if you don’t feel like breaking out the blender, it also stands up nicely against Coke.

I wouldn’t really classify either of these rums as sipping rums, while they are both relatively flavorful in a non-offensive way, they both benefit from mixers to take some of the edge off the rum kick. Neither is really made for sipping either (my guess is that their Mount Gay Extra Old is their sipping rum) but they also aren’t really limited to just mixing into beverages.

Back in November I got a chance to try a recipe that was whipped up with some Mount Gay Rum; a delicious cheesecake with bananas that had been caramelized with Mount Gay. The subtle rum taste with the bananas gave the desert a wonderful taste (of course how could cheesecake with caramelized rum bananas be bad?).
Previously my go to rum had been Bacardi, a hold over from the college days, given the choice I would now go with Mount Gay.


3 Responses to “At The Bar: Mount Gay Eclipse and Eclipse Silver Rum”

  1. Joel L. Friedlander
    August 7th, 2008 @

    Nice done, useful review. How do the prices compare with other rums?

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    May 31st, 2009 @

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  3. Bill
    June 24th, 2017 @

    I visited their distillery and bought a bottle of their “Pure Silver” white rum. Im trying to replace it and I keep getting directed to sites listing Silver or Eclipse Silver. My bottle of “Pure Silver” looks identical to the bottle of “Silver”. its just missing the word “Pure” what is the difference?

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