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Herbal Remedy 1: Basil Gin Martini

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 1 Comment

So, you may recall that back in October I thought that this summer was going to be all about drinks made with fresh herbs.

Well, the summer is here and I’d like to give myself partial credit. Although it hasn’t been an overwhelming push, there have been a number of summer cocktails I have seen that incorporate herbs (mostly basil, some sage, a couple of others as well).

I was hoping to just collect them together and post them all at once. Instead, I am going to do one a day until I have them all posted, or at least a nice bulk of them, so keep an eye our for the “Herbal Remedies.” we’ll post over the next few days.

We’ll get you started with one I posted a few months back:

Basil Martini
2 oz DH Krahn Gin
1 oz Fresh lemon juice
3/4 oz Simple Syrup
3-4 Fresh basil leave

Put all the ingredients in a shaker with ice, adding the basil leaves last and shake hard to get the basil flavor in there nicely. Strain into a cocktail glass.

Nice and simple. We recommend DH Krahn Gin for this one because that is the gin we first had it with, and David Hughes from DH Krahn provided us with the recipe. We’ll also have a review this week of DH Krahn Gin. So this really works as a nice segue.


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    That sounds delicious!

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