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Could This Be More Self-Referential?

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 1 Comment

On Monday I posted a link to New York Magazine who had a recipe for a bacon infused Old Fashion and directions for making bacon infused Bourbon. I remain skeptical about Bacon infused bourbon. Regardless, showing themselves a little love, Grub Street, one of New York Magazines Blogs picked up the post and added into their daily email.

So now we have an AmericanMadness post linking to New York Magazine being linked from New York Magazine. They even give an oh-so-brief commentary on Bacon “We said it here first: Bacon has jumped the shark.”

Fantastic, loving the love-fest (and clearly contributing to it as I write this), but it goes a level deeper. I got an email from New York Magazine last night informing me about a video they shot of the bacon-infused bourbon and it’s creator Don Lee mixing up an Old-Fashion. They were addressing my concern (and gag -reflex) from the previous post where I said a bacon cocktail seemed a bit much:

I noticed you linked to New York’s bacon-infused old-fashioned recipe the other day. We shot a video demo of PDT’s Don Lee preparing the drink, which makes the bacon infusion a little easier to swallow.

So that makes this post an AmericaMadness post about a New York Magazine post about an AmericanMadness post about a New York Magazine post.

And of course I am going to link the video (watch the ball of congealed bacon grease bobbing in the bourbon, if that doesn’t make you want to try this, I don’t know what would).


One Response to “Could This Be More Self-Referential?”

  1. Matt Friedlander
    April 9th, 2008 @

    That’s one big ice cube alright, I wonder if they contract out to these guys too:

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