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Art Monday

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As I go back through what I have marked up the past week to post here, things that have caught my eye and such, it is looking like I will have a weekly post of art that has caught my eye from the previous week. We’ll see if I can turn this into a regular, weekly column (which requires only that I stay on top of this every week), but for now it is looking pretty good.

Without further ado some of the things that have caught my eye in the past week:

Let’s get started with the work of Mike Stimpson. Stimpson is a photographer whose work is much appreciated by AM. He recreates and shoots some classic iconic photos (the majority in B & W, 1 in color) or, and did I mention he does it all in Legos? You can check out his Flickr gallery here (he has other Lego works as well). What is nice is that he links to images of the originals so that you can compare the original to the Lego interpretation. Personally I feel like something is lost in the Eddie Adams interpretation… Though so does Stimpson.

Next up we have an ongoing exhibit from New Orleans, Dan Tagues titled “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” (a nod to Wu-Tang Clan). Tagues folds bills and, using the words and letters on them, pieces together different ’slogans’ some relevant to the current climate in the U.S. (Hunt for Oil, The Osama War, I Hate War) others, well, not so much (Trust No One, One of These is Not Like The Other). check them out in New Orleans at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, or online here.

On ArkiBlog (a Blog on Architecture and Design) I seemed to stumble upon a backdoor where there are two sets of photos. As you would imagine from a blog with this name, they both contain architectural ‘wonders’ and are captured beautifully by the photographers. Sato Shintaro presents us with Tokyo at twilight (Twilight Zone – Tokyo) and Branislav Kropilak shot an empty garage. Both sets are pretty stunning.

Although I could toss some more in up there I think I will wrap it with 3 today.


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