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Cue the John Williams Music (take 2)

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Okay, besides Legos, and Indiana Jones (and what would seem like the ultimate linking of the two) you can add Star Wars to the list of nostalgia I like to write about.

I came across this article written by a toy designer who was contacted in 1998 to produce a line of toys for the Pepsi to use in coordination with the release of Episode 1.

The article gives a brief back-story about getting the contract and all that jazz, but also has concept art for a lot of Star Wars toys that never were. Some of the concepts are kind of bad, others sound like they would have been a Star Wars geeks wet dream. My persona favorite is the Han in Carbonite fridge. Other ideas seem to be stuck in the 80s (although I like the concept, does anyone still use sun shades in their cars anymore and when was the last time some one broke out a slide projector?).

If you are a Star Wars fan, it is just a little fun post to check out.


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