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I recently came across the site RCRDLBL, add some vowels and you’ve got Record Label, which is the idea behind the site. It is a chance for musicians to have their music heard and maybe make some money. As they say “RCRD LBL is an online record label releasing exclusive and completely free music from emerging and established artists.” Oh, right, and it’s all free. Personally I am downloading some Bad Brains right now. They hand select the artists whose music they are pushing

A similar site, US Trendy is doing similar stuff, but also includes a place for Fashion and Art work to be displayed, kind of an artistic collective to show off your work and maybe get discovered. Instead of the music being chosen and artists being selected to have their work exhibited, US Trendy allows folks to upload their own stuff.

Finally on the music front we have Mp3gle. Don’t ask me if it is a legal, I have my doubts. It kind of looks like it is a file sharing search engine. I am not sure the sources it is searching, but it is allowing folks to search for music and then either play it or download it. And this isn’t music by folks you have never heard of, this is brand name, big label music, the type of stuff you pay to download on iTunes. Pretty nifty if you ask me


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