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Live Free or Die – Tyranny in Kindergarten

Posted by Eric Hazard | 3 Comments

Mrs. WineHazard and I find ourselves in New Hampshire this weekend. Travelzoo ran a special off season rate for hotel rooms on Lake Winnipesaukee, and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to leave the city for some Americana.

Russian School

Inside of our quaint room at the inn was a copy of the local newspaper, Weirs Times. The local paper is mostly filled with pieces by the locals talking about snow and their pets, the usual fare for such an endeavor. But it also includes a letter to the editor section (Letters From the Mail Boat). One piece in particular caught my attention, and I share it with you, the loyal AmericanMadness reader.

A labor of love, I retyped the following, warts and all:

Pre-School Terror

To The Editor:

Kindergarten has nothing to do with education and everything to do with tyranny.

This is the first step in children’s rights and the otherthrow of parental authority. The state insists that the parents are not qualified to raise children, only the state is qualified.

Russia puts their children in school at the age of three. Get them when they are young and vulnerable and brainwash them.

The authorities have already promised us pre-kindergarten. Schools for two-year olds will follow pre-kindergarten it is reported.

It is also reported that for the first two years of a child’s life agents will make regular visits to the home. I assume they will come unannounced. I believe that they will always find fault in order to seize. They will be authorized to remove children for any reason or no reason. In some cases it is reported that the parents will never see the children again. It is my opinion that the liberal fascists will control our lives from cradle to the grave with terror.

In New Hampshire there is a movement to axe the (no new taxes) pledge. This is about an income tax and a sales tax. This will not lower property taxes. We are instructed that we need new taxes to pay for our new education obligations.

Campaigning in Iowa, Hilary promised to give us pre-kindergarten. Hilary must have a lot of money.

Barack Obama, in a TV speech in Iowa, informed that “Children two months old are intelligent, they can learn and I will educate them. I am not going to waste that talent.”

William Gibbons
Canaaan, NH.

So to recap. Liberal fascists (?) seek to imbed their political agenda on our children, in an initiative to raise taxes in New Hampshire. Got all of that?

Just remember, this state often decides who represents your political party in the run for U.S. President. Daniel Webster, I weep on your behalf.


3 Responses to “Live Free or Die – Tyranny in Kindergarten”

  1. Joel Friedlander
    March 21st, 2008 @

    Consider the source. This is a fellow who lives in a vacation resort area. While there is great economic activity there in the Summer on their 20 mile long lake, it is probably moribund in the early Spring. Certainly a place that is offering three days and two nights for $49.00 is not in high season.

    What I am curious about is the writer’s contention that agents are going to visit his home to see how he is caring for his children. Where on Earth did he get that from? I think that the fellow listens to talk radio.

  2. Josh Friedlander
    March 21st, 2008 @


    This is the U.S. Government talking to you (yes, we can reach you through the aluminum shielding):
    Be at home on March 29 between the hours of 2 to 4pm. We’re going to stop by either to program your cable or your children. Maybe both.

  3. Paul Woodland
    March 23rd, 2008 @

    The writer is off base in suggesting that public preschool and kindergarten are designed as government indoctrination sessions, however I don’t see anything strange in connecting far left-wing ideology a.k.a. Socialism with Fascism.

    Both are collectivist creeds that place the interests of the state ahead of the individual. E.g. We will tell you what car you can drive, what doctor you will go to, what school your children can attend, what you can eat, what race of people are fit to live, etc..

    No matter how innocuous the Socialist philosophy seems at first, it naturally leads its adherents to believe they have the right to regulate all aspects of our lives and tell us what we can think and believe. Remember, Hitler instituted National Socialism. NAZI is just short for National Socialist German Workers Party.

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