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Tune in after the election for leadership

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“It’s hard to draw conclusions about her management style, because she is, in fact, not the manager of her campaign.”
- Hillary Clinton senior adviser Harold Ickes

The New York Times does a great job with this morning’s article on the Clinton campaign’s utter lack of direction or leadership.

I’m really really really tired of the press carping on Obama’s lack of experience. It’s the quality of the experience, dummies! The junior senator’s campaign has been a model of efficiency. Senator Clinton’s has been a mess.

I don’t think Hillary’s out of the race yet, but it’s also disagreeable to see articles on a Clinton resurgence because of her minor victories in Ohio and Texas (where demographics played out the way the pollsters predicted). The real questions — can Clinton or Obama win Florida and California in the general election — haven’t been answered.

But I know who I’d like to have in the White House, and it’s not King George II in pantsuits. Loyalty is a great personal virtue, but not in leaders upon whom millions of lives and livelihoods depend.


Her husband changed his advisers at regular intervals as he faced various troubles and shifting political demands while president; Mrs. Clinton, in contrast, has relied on a relatively unchanging cast since she was first lady.

Downright frightening:

But a month later, she described herself as stunned to learn the campaign was nearly broke — notwithstanding financial reports sent to her every week by e-mail — and was all but conceding the 11 contests that were to come over the next month.


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