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Does your candidate have music?

Posted by Josh Friedlander | 1 Comment


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  1. Paul Woodland
    February 15th, 2008 @

    Great piece of political propoganda. Intolerably vague though, just like much of Obama’s campaign. He’s a great speaker, but after listening to him and being inspired by his rousing speeches, I realize that he didn’t say anything.

    Yes we can what? Pull out of Iraq and let the country go to hell? Give Afganistan back to the Taliban? These really are not options. The well being of our children and grandchildren will depend on having a stable, rational, pro-western government in Iraq and in control of the world’s 2nd largest oil reserves.

    I was at the protests before the invasion of Iraq, because I believed that we should fix things in Afghanistan first and I knew that Iraq would be hell. But now that we are there we can’t just pack up and ship out.

    Obama’s is clearly peddling false hope, but you don’t get elected by selling realistic goals.

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