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Since Josh has been on his diet, cutting out many things, including alcohol, he decided to indulge himself with a (1, singular) drink over the weekend and clearly this got him wasted to the point that he thought anything was funny. I apologize for the videos he posted. Moving right along….

Chris Grey is a guy working on a project to design 30 prints for tshirts during his lunch, just little simple designs (and well, some not so simple). You can see the one that caught my eye at first (up on the left), but there are a lot of great designs on his site and interesting to check out, especially as something he has been doing during his lunch hour. You can check out the rest of his designs at TheAmazingShape. Some nice stuff he’s got going on there.

Sorry we’re not a graphic design blog, but I am sure by this point he has made it on to quite a few.


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