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Tuesday’s random artistic attempt

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I’m so busy lately that I can’t even meet friends for lunch (though I did manage that today). So, when a friend suggested we meet tomorrow, we ruled out lunch, dinner or coffee.

She asked, “How about a cigarette break without cigarettes.” Just walking around the block seemed less than productive, so I suggested we both bring a poem to read.

She said fine as long as we wrote the poems ourselves. I’ll admit to being a bit rusty at this, but here’s my contribution: a Shakespearean sonnet in ababcdcdefefgg form.

It’s about a long-distance relationship in which at least one partner is unwilling to admit that there’s no love, because to do so would require making difficult choices.

To Profess or Lust
Don’t knock the distant paramour, he said,
With trembling hand, the coffee cup held near.
A daily dose is lost, but still the bed
Is lit; the lust, from longing, ever clear.

When he, the night before, surveying ’round,
Felt pull the pulchritude within his ken:
Numbed with drink, the quiet voice sought, he found,
That stifled choice, and killed the question “when?”

Love can with hangover intrude, but worse
Finds those who, with love’s absence known, stay meek,
Let stressed smiles prevail, and, guilt-filled, rehearse
The bitter end to lies, and penance seek.

Denying lack of love, choice is dispelled
What true love is deferred, what future felled?


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