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O, Housing Bubble

Posted by Josh Friedlander | 2 Comments

Slow day, eh? Everyone’s already in holiday mode.

I went on a LOOOOONG lunch today and got to talking with a new friend about the follies shows we put on (most recently I posted about the Bloomberg parody video and Gawker picked up on it, too).

She asked how long it took me to write the song parodies we do each year. This year I think I spent a total of five hours, maybe less (for five songs).

But the longest I’ve ever spent on a single song was getting the concept of the housing bubble to work to the tune of O, Fortuna from Carmina Burana. Not that you care, but here were the lyrics to that.

Staccato bursts of words (versus multi-syllable words) are definitely harder to replicate with modern English than one would think.

Wish I had the video of this. It was pretty well done. At the end, we had a journalist come out wielding a huge drum and crashing head first through a cardboard brick “house.”

Housing Bubble (to the tune of O’ Fortuna from Carmina Burana)
Housing Bubble!
We’re in trouble
Truth is soon to kill this lie
Such low payments
And abatements
Drove prices up through the sky

Now it’s changing
Housing is ten times your pay
Now we’re sweating
Ever fretting
Don’t buy unless you will stay

Fate is monstrous
And preposterous
Oh, wheel of fate, how you maim!
Those invested
Doom’s molested
Their credit soon will prove lame

Ruinous ["rue nuss"] prices
Broker’s vices
These devils I, too, resent
Build your savings
Stave your cravings
Better to rent than repent

Fate defies us
And denies us
Great are the pleasures delayed
Crowds are foolish
Debt is ghoulish
Do not your reason evade

Foolish owners
High like stoners
That mortgage from which you splurged
Yes, you spent it
Now, lament it
Of Fortune sooooon you will be purged


2 Responses to “O, Housing Bubble”

  1. Matt Cipriano
    November 30th, 2007 @

    “Slow Day?” – I’m just getting started…

  2. Dave
    January 29th, 2008 @

    Well, my housing bubble song isn’t nearly as thoughtful as yours, but I thought you might enjoy it anyhow?

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