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Scared To Leave The House

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global incident map that could make you paranoidAlthough I am not a paranoid shut-in, afraid to step out my door, positive that imminent disaster waits around every corner, this is the website that could definitely turn me into one. So, before you go and check it out, be forewarned: This is not for people who fear disaster.

The Global Incident Map is just that, a map that charts the latest “Terrorism Events and Other Suspicious Activities.” This could include anything that could even be remotely considered “suspicious” including false alarms, as they raise fear and terror levels.

Click on any of the events on the map, each with its own icon to display the type of event (a little explosion for bomb threats, little trains for railway threats, little planes for airports, etc…) and you will discover what caused the little alert to show up, ranging from “Brooklyn-bound subway service on the 6 line was disrupted between 125th and 42nd streets due to a police investigation at the 77th street station” to “A suicide bomb on the outskirts of the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday killed six schoolchildren and wounded three Italians working on a project to build a bridge.”

Events are just listed on a map as well as scrolling at the bottom of the screen with the latest updates to the map as well as a ticker scroll for any breaking news. Beyond just the terror map Global Incidents Map there are also other maps centered on just the U.S. like the Amber-Alert Map (Child abduction) and the IAATS Map (illegal alien activity), with more maps coming soon.

I am kind of torn between thinking this is a really fascinating idea and concept and thinking that this is utterly terrifying. Of course, just looking at the map is going to scare you, to get to the bottom of things you really need to read what the blurbs are all about. Reports that terrorists will “inevitably” detonate a nuclear bomb coming from Scotland or that terrorists might detonate a dirty bomb in a major city from DC, while scary to think about aren’t exactly breaking news on the terror front. It is interesting to see how much of the map is composed of real incidents versus the media and government agencies spreading warnings about what to be scared of.


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