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Preaching About Microsoft’s ‘Homosexual Agenda”

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 3 Comments

When your previous job used to be running around all day in a pair of spandex, getting sweaty with other men and then jumping on top of them, maybe you aren’t the right person to be coming out with a strong stance against gay rights.

Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker turn reverend, Ken Hutcherson of the Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, WA is claiming to be a modern day David against Goliath mega-corporations. Hutcherson is preaching that companies like Microsoft, who he says is attempting to become a political player in Washington state and push its policies on the entire state, can have their policies of toleration changed by the power of the shareholder.

Hutcherson is telling members of his 3,500 congregation to buy up shares of the company and reaching out to other religions, like Orthodox Jews, to do the same. The theory being that once they have amassed a controlling share of the company the can ‘correct’ the diversity policies currently in place , one of which includes an internal “affinity employee group” called the Gay and Lesbian Employees At Microsoft (GLEAM).

Hutcherson, who, if nothing else, is extremely quotable says “There are 256 Fortune 500 companies alone pouring millions upon millions of dollars into pushing the homosexual agenda,” his plan is to go after each of them in the same way after he plans to bring Microsoft to its knees.

There is really so much in this article that just has me shaking my head thinking about what a misguided jack-ass this guy is (On why he doesn’t see the struggle for black civil rights as being equal to the struggle for gay rights: “How many homosexuals have you ever seen had to ride on the back of a bus? I haven’t seen one. I know that many blacks have in the past. I’ve never seen an ex-black. Michael Jackson couldn’t even achieve that. But I’ve seen ex-gays. We minister to them every day. We talk to them about how to get out of that sin.”) and then there is the part of me that is really worried that he might succeed since his methodology about how to take down Microsoft seems rather sound.

To use an Aaron Sorkin quote that I have used on here before:

You know, I never understand why you gun control people don’t all join the N.R.A. They’ve got two million members. You bring three million to the next meeting… call a vote… All those in favor of tossing guns – [Snaps fingers] – Bam! Move on.

It certainly seem like the best way to disband a movement you don’t believe in would to be to have a bunch of people with your beliefs join that movement (or lobby, or company) and take it apart from the inside. Let’s all hope that the Reverend Hutcherson cannot find nearly enough support for his Christian Right movement. And to leave you with one more of his laughable quotes:

“I told them that you need to work with me or we will put a firestorm on you like you have never seen in you life because I am your worst nightmare. I am a black man with a righteous cause with a whole host of powerful white people behind me.”


3 Responses to “Preaching About Microsoft’s ‘Homosexual Agenda””

  1. Windows Vista News
    November 21st, 2007 @

    Preaching About Microsoft’s ‘Homosexual Agenda”…

    There is an interesting post over at…

  2. Josh
    November 21st, 2007 @

    It’s completely absurd. Even if his followers got a hold of a significant percentage of the public equity (the company has a market cap of $322.76 billion), they wouldn’t be able to bully the company, in all probability, without a proxy vote (which it’s likely they’d lose). And say they got someone on the board, for instance…that person would be accountable to shareholders. There’s an argument that these diversity programs help the company. They make it a safe place to work for people who might be ridiculed in other corporate environments. Also, there’s that pesky civil rights legislation to contend with. No matter how many shares purchased, Microsoft can’t actually rail against gay people. The whole idea is absurd.

    I’ve never understood the problem religious conservatives have with homosexuals. They aren’t bothering anybody. They aren’t keeping people poor, or keeping them from having a good meal. They aren’t persecuting people for their religious beliefs.

    Instead of persecuting them, why not take some of that religious firepower and do something to help people?

  3. Jason Ihle
    November 22nd, 2007 @

    People who are so worked up about homosexuals that they repeatedly refer to the gay agenda (a notion with the same insidious implications as the belief in a World Jewish Conspiracy which doesn’t exist – wink, wink, Josh) view homosexuality as a kind of disease that can be spread to children and good Christians. They see it as a choice, and a sinful one at that. It really begs me to ask, if homosexuals chose to be gay when doesn’t that mean everyone else chose to be heterosexual? They see it as something that others will catch if they aren’t careful.

    It’s a sick, twisted ideology. But I agree with Josh that it seems very unlikely they’d get anywhere with this plan. Owning a majority share in a company doesn’t mean you can ignore civil rights.

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