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New Trends In Food To Go

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First we have the noodle bar trend that we mentioned the other week, this has been going on for a bit and seems to be hitting its stride, what we have cropping up now is a trend in food on the move:

Of course we have the original Mister Softie, a NYC classic, not much needs to be said about it, but clearly that isn’t up to snuff for the foodies of New York.

Following a similar model we had Treats Truck, serving up really nice cookies, and definitely a step-up from Mister Softee with great desserts. I am a huge fan of them. I have no complaints about the Treats Truck. I even have them on speed dial so I can find out where they are on any given day. They even had set up a little “Customer of the Month” section.

Now, of course, since the model for high-end mobile desserts has proven successful, here come the imitators:

First up we read about the Dessert Truck about a month ago. Taking a small step away form the Treat Truck model they “serve delicious desserts using the best ingredients.” In a truck. Except they actually aren’t mobile, they sit on the corner of 8th & University and sit there until they sell out. I guess it eliminates the overhead of having an actual restaurant and probably some rules required by the Department of Health. Also one of its founders is a former pastry sous chef from Le Cirque. I might have to check this out

And, finally, there is the newest kid on the block: Wafels & Dinges, a mobile Belgium Waffle truck. Still pretty young, the truck claims to be making actual Belgium waffles by actual Belgians, and — knowing a craving for waffles knows no bounds — they are open from late morning to 7pm. Okay, well, I guess there are some limits as to when you can get your fix for that craving. They have a schedule of their location online. If you can’t make it over there, they will also ship their waffles to you.

Playing off of the Treats Truck, they also have a customer of the day (today’s is a wafelista: someone who got behind the counter and worked with them a little until close [Josh: and that really sounds like it violiates some kind of health code!]. Also, they have a password for free toppings that they list once a week (or so) on their site. If I am ever able to make it to them during the workday I might have to check them out (for the time being they seem pretty stationary, located in Soho between Prince & Spring on Broadway.

We’ve got three so far, let’s just wait and see who will be next to the game. Or, if you think you’ve got what it takes, you can purchase your own food truck on Ebay.


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