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Bad Neighbor Policy

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 1 Comment

Do you have awful neighbors? Maybe a slum lord managing your building? Feel like you have no recourse about the problems you are dealing with in your current situation? Well, that really kind of sucks. And this isn’t going to make things too much better for you, but it will help others from falling into the same situation you are in.

RottenNeighbors is a site that let’s you locate your apartment on a Google map, label it and write your problems with where you are, allowing other visitors to learn about the pitfalls of that seemingly perfect building they were considering renting in.

Gripes go from the paper thin walls and loud neighbors next-door to stolen grill components, homeless sleeping on the stoops and collapsing roofs. It even says on the site: “we are here to help you find and discover bad neighbors no matter where you are thinking about relocating.”

Of course it only works if you take part as well, the more people who write their stories on the site, the more neighborhoods are covered. There is even a blog that discusses different ways to deal with bad neighbors and advice on how to resolve problems with neighbors. Pretty interesting, well at least until your apartment is highlighted as an undesirable neighbor… So preempt that, go on their and write yourself up as being an excellent, caring neighbor, as oppossed to all those other bastards who live in your building.


One Response to “Bad Neighbor Policy”

  1. lara
    November 1st, 2007 @

    ummm, i think that we should probably put crazy chick who lived next door to me on there…what do u think?

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