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The Critic: Jay ShermanI just learned about Criticker today.

Criticker is to movies what GoodReads is to books, for the most part. Though there is a bit more work required on your part here.

Basically you go in and rank a bunch of movies, after you have ranked 10, using their TCI (Taste Compatibility Index), they match you up with other people who have similar tastes. Of course, the more films you rank allows the system to better match you with folks who have compatible tastes. You must sign-up though to see folks with similar tastes. Ideally folks with a low TCI (the lower the better) will have seen movies you haven’t seen and you’ll find some great ones to watch, maybe films that will become your favorites, plus it means you can use Cricker as a gauge, unlike Amazon’s user’s comments which lets you see how everyone feels and what they have to say about a film, with Criticker you get an idea of how similar your tastes are to the folks whose movies you are looking at. Could be fun…

Or you could just look at it like yet another social networking site storing your information that you need to check on a regular basis… Maybe this would be a more fitting plug-in for Facebook actually.

Of course, what happens is some major mailing list or blog connects to the site and thousands upon thousands of folks flood the site in a single day, while this is great for the site and the users for the site (the more people and more movies ranked, the better the chances of finding some one with similar tastes to get movie ideas from) on the other hand when a site like this gets that amount of hits it basically goes down or becomes unbearably slow.


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