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Maybe I am Just Paranoid…

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 3 Comments

When it was just a few articles here and there posted days after we posted them folks started saying it was just a “coincidence” that New York Magazine had written about the exact same thing that we had just covered.

Now, I am getting a little scared. I have had a small bottle of Lucid Absinthe sitting in my apartment for the last two months now waiting to be tasted and reviewed. The biggest problem I was encountering in getting around to tasting it was not having an absinthe spoon. Though technically not necessary you know me when it comes to my reviews I like to drink alcohol the “traditional” way. In terms of absinthe, this means with an absinthe spoon, sugar cube and water (and maybe some flame as well… we’ll see about that).

Anyway, I have spent the last month and a half hammering out the spoon. I finally got it looking the way I wanted it to and was going to review it this week, but instead have the pleasure of popping antibiotics. Apparently New York Magazine somehow knew about this and jumped the gun. Instead of waiting for my review on Lucid Absinthe they went ahead and just published their own before mine. So to give you a preview of what I might be talking about here is New York Magazine’s comparative review on two legal Absinthes being sold in the US now. I just don’t know how they knew I was going to write about it. To one-up them I will also post a picture or two of the absinthe spoon I whipped up for my tasting.


3 Responses to “Maybe I am Just Paranoid…”

  1. Josh
    October 16th, 2007 @

    NYMag is truly nefarious, having gone from simply writing about similar mainstream topics to actually predicting when you were going to finish your spoon just so they could beat you to the drink.

    I wonder how much they are spending on blog counterintelligence.

  2. Absinthe Fairy
    March 28th, 2008 @

    Hey, I stumbled on this while googling, and was wondering if you ever got to publish that review of absinthe you were talking about :)

  3. Matt Cipriano
    March 28th, 2008 @

    Still have the bottle of Absinthe, finally got an absinthe spoon, now I am just waiting for the absinthe lollypops which are supposedly in the mail, keep an eye out for the review some time in the next week or so

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