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One in a Zillion

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A little while ago a ton of blogs were all a buzz about Zillion laces (I swear, I read about them on like 5 or 6 different sites) folks seemed to be pretty excited about them and it sparked my interest. I could see that they had a nice design and all, but I was totally lost as to the 14,90EUR price tag (about $21 if my “math” is correct). So, I actually went ahead and contacted Zillion. They sent me a pair of laces (and a hat… they design more then just laces) and I have been wearing them around for the last week.

The first thing I noticed about the laces is that they are more durable then your typical cotton laces that come with every pair of shoes you buy. They are, maybe, nylon, or at least, let’s say, reinforced cotton and instead of just being braided like your typical laces they are double stitched along the length of the lace. Okay, I guess that isn’t all true: the first thing I noticed was the packaging, as you can see they come nicely packaged in a little wooden box, under the the laces there is the companies logo. Got to say, it is really nice packaging.

The laces are pretty comfy and, well, work like your typical pair of shoes laces. The design is kind of cool with some definite Japanese influences. Overall, a really nice quality product. If you are all about your shoes or are looking to jazz up a pair a bit this could be a good option for you. At the same time, the $20 price tag is still a bit off putting.

The hat was pretty nice as well, actually, after seeing their catalogue I wasn’t too impressed by some of their other designs. When I got the hat, I realized their is a level of detail in their design that the the images on a computer just don’t do justice to. You can learn more about what Zillion has to offer here. And you can buy the Zillion laces on Overkill.


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