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Evian Palace Bottle

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 3 Comments

Yes, I have written about the Palace Bottle by Evian before (I even used the same picture), but this isn’t a post about the new design or anything, this is an actual review of the bottle and its setup. Evian recently sent me a bottle and I had the chance to really check it out and I figured since folks don’t exactly need a review of Evian Water I conducted a blind taste test on some of my friends with New York Tap Water, Evian, Fiji and Smart waters.

First let’s discuss the Palace bottle. The one I received came in a really nice box, all shiny with the Evian bottle and pouring spout nicely displayed. I was kind of impressed by my first impression, then I touched the bottle and discovered it was plastic. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting… Okay, that’s not true, I was expecting a glass bottle. I guess I figure if you are going to a nice restaurant and ordering bottled water, let’s say Evian, and the palace bottle comes out with its spout on a coaster you kind of expect a nice glass bottle, not a light weight plastic bottle. On the other side of things I was impressed by the pouring spout, while I was expecting something cheap made of lightweight metal, it actually had a fair heft to it and looked great, nicely designed with curves that compliment the shape of the bottle.

The actual pouring experience when you first use it felt a bit odd, first you have a slight extension to the bottle that you are not used to, then as the bottle empties it also becomes a little top heavy, but the pour is still nice and, admittedly, if you can get over that you are drinking Evian from a plastic bottle with a metal pourer it actually adds a certain touch to it.

The bottle itself they say is a “modern and iconic representation of the brand [it] highlights our consistent commitment to providing a quality product presented with creative appeal and style.” I buy that, but again I would have gone with glass over plastic for the bottle. Now, on to the taste test.

So, on Friday night, I had some folks over to my place, peoples whose tastes I trust, and I conducted a blind taste test on them with Evian, Smart Water, Fiji and New York Tap water, all chilled (though some where colder then others). Each water was sipped from a small Dixie cup and well, it wasn’t scientific at all and there was plenty of room for errors in the method, but seriously, I was conducting a blind taste test on water in my living room, what do you expect?

Anyway, the first person tried the water, I am putting this out there, she is not a big fan of water to begin with, but right off the bat we had results. She deemed Fuji to be undrinkable after trying the next three she found Smart Water to be her favorite followed closely by Evian. New York Tap came in third for her.

Moving down the line, our next blind water judge said from the start that she thought all water just tasted like water, as some one who thinks that water does have a specific taste I figured she was going to be surprised, much to my dismay, she didn’t taste a difference between the four.

Finally, our third participant tried the four waters, he thought he was going to be able to taste the difference and easily identify which was which, though the only one he could identify as tasting different was the tap water.

I tried the waters (though not blindly) and thought I could identify difference between each, though, who knows, maybe it was all psychosomatic. So there you go- 1 out of 3 people prefer Evian to NY Tap and Fiji while 2 out of 3 can’t really tell a difference, maybe next time I am doing water sampling I will increase my number of participants.


3 Responses to “Evian Palace Bottle”

  1. lisaveta
    October 12th, 2007 @

    Did they give you a coaster with it? It’s supposed to come with a coaster, stainless steel, also with some heft, and engraved with the evian logo on front, and the history of evian on the back.

  2. Matt Cipriano
    October 12th, 2007 @

    Unfortunately there was no coaster in my packaging, not sure if that didn’t come with the sample bottle I got or if it fell out- The packaging was a bit beaten up when it arrived.

  3. lisaveta
    October 15th, 2007 @

    Are you in the States? (I’m in Canada). Do they send you these promo items looking for publicity? Who sent it to you, a wholesaler, or Evian, or someone else? Thanks for any info.

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