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Under the Sea

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In honor of Columbus’s epic sea voyage to the “New World” we are going with a bit of a nautical theme today dealing with under water adventure.

We start today with a trip to Sweden, though it is just the end of the season there now, you may want to consider trying to get reservations now to visit the Hotel Utter Inn in Västerås (or Hotel Otter… or Utter Inn, the website lists the name differently in different places). The hotel is open April to October and sits 1 kilometer out on Lake Malaren.

What makes the hotel so special (besides bing in the center of a lake) is that it is a duplex, with the entrance and first story at sea level and the second story below the water, kind of like an inverted aquarium. You can look out your window into the depth of Lake Malaren and sometimes even see a fish swim by your window.

Accommodations range between 1000 and 1500 SEK or $154 and $231 ($154 for the bare-bones set up where you may have to bring your own bed linens, the website is a little unclear… To the Deluxe accommodations at $231 that include dinner and breakfast), you can even rent a small boat to putter your way to the small uninhabited islands in the lake.

Sounds kind of cool and looks like pretty interesting… if you have upcoming plans to visit Sweden in April-October of next year you might want to consider this one.


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