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Under the Sea part II

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Continuing in our tribute to Columbus we have another story:

While so many companies these days are working on making their products more affordable for people and others are working to help poor nations get access to the basics like food, drinkable water and shelter, other companies are working in the opposite direction.

With so many companies concerned about the poor these days, you almost start to feel bad for people with so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Fortunately for them Neiman-Marcus is working to keep its name as a luxury department store intact.

On their website you can now check out the specs on the NM Gem Triton 1000 Submarine. That’s right, for the bargain price of $1.44 million you can have your own submarine to tour around… Well, um, I guess since this seems so out of my helm of understanding I really don’t know where you would use this… In your jumbo sized swimming pool? Your personal super-sized koi pond? Touring around the sea reefs near your private island?

Anyway, for specs on the NM Gem Triton 1000 you can call Neiman-Marcus. I think it looks like it is straight from the design team that did The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou if you ask me. Though if you want to get me a Christmas gift and you’ve been stumped… Well, opt for the bottle of Partida I want to try, I am all out of super-sized koi ponds to tour around.


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