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Open House New York

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Next weekend we have one of my favorite city wide events happening:

Open House New York is a day when a number New York buildings and sites throw their doors open and invite the public to come and see what they’ve got going on. This is the 5th year te program has been running and each year it just seems it get bigger and bigger.

In the past I have gotten a chance to visit: the “Hidden Harbors” around the city, the Marble Cemetery on 2nd Avenue (one of the oldest in the city), the Free Mason’s Lodge on 23rd Street and the High Line.

Almost all of the locations are free to visit, though some do require a reservation in advance and some of them fill up pretty quickly, though you have a slight advantage, the listings just went up today. It’s really worth checking out and there are some awesome places to see, so check their website for participating locations (and more will probably be added in the next week) and take a peak at some of the hidden treasures of the city.

I am hoping they again offer a chance to see the City Hall Subway Station alog gthe 6 line… Otherwise I might just have to illegally ride the train around the turn… Nah, I’m just kidding, I would never do anything like that


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