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Theme Song

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I am a sucker for nostalgia television.

Unfortunately I have found that a lot of the shows I loved as a kid just don’t live up to their hype. What never fails though are the opening credits of the shows. You remember those theme songs as if the shows just got canceled yesterday (or as if you watched them every single day during your formative years). Those opening notes put a smile on your face and have you fondly remembering your favorite show without having to see all the poor, poor acting or super cheap (or super-old) special effects.

Now you can watch the opening credits with all the theme song glory on YouTube. Rather then having to sort through all the shlock on YouTube to hunt down these gems, you can simply check them out on LuiscmkTv’s Video Page, where 100 different opening credits are posted. It’s an excellent way to waste a few hours and relive the television of your childhood.


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