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Don’t Call Me

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Remember about 5 years ago when everyone was all abuzz about the new “Do Not Call ” Registry? You signed up and it prevented telemarketers from getting your information and calling you. Great idea, and for the most part it worked. If you are still receiving what you believe to be are telemarketer calls, well that is probably because you have done business with the company, they can retain your number and harass you for up to 18 months after the initial business was conducted.

Anyway, when you initially signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry it was for a 5 year period, and those 5 years are just about to elapse (well if you signed up during the first year at least). It might not be a bad idea to head on over to their website and re-sign up for the registry to keep your cell phone and home phone telemarketer free for the next 5 years, or you can simply call them at 1-888-382-1222.

Oh and if you feel like you have still been getting telemarketers calling and it was unrelated to something you purchased (and your name is on the registry) you can report them and they will receive a fine up to $11,000 (though charitable organizations, political or survey work are all exempt).


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