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Do You Think Maxwell Smart and James Bond Would be Friends?

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Social Networking has just hit a new low–or high. I guess it kind of depends how you look at it. Anyway, the U.S. Intelligence community is planning on opening a new social network this December specifically aimed, well, at members of the US Intelligence community. Supposedly the idea behind it is to facilitate the sharing of information between departments and to link-up intelligence operatives (spies) with operatives from other bureaus who might work in the same field.

Now let’s overlook a few potential problems here, like, hypothetically, someone hacking in and posing as an intelligence operative in order to gain information, and let’s us focus on the real problem this system is going to face. As we all know, no matter what the initial purpose of a social network is, it devolves into a popularity contest of folks trying to build up as many friends/contacts/buddies as they can. Spies will be spending valuable spy-time updating their profiles, customizing their pictures, and befriending other spies. No valuable information will change hands and the spy community will be brought to a standstill when the spy network goes down.

While open lines of communication are a necessity in the US Intelligence community, maybe there are better ways to get the ball rolling than online social networking, What’s next

And yes, I am aware that Bond and Smart would not be friends as Bond is not part of the US Intelligence community.


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