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Consider the LobsterI know Matt is a big fan of GoodReads, but I have to say it’s pretty dorky to get these updates telling me about all the wonderful literary explorations of friends and colleagues.

It’s the same kind of dorkiness college Freshman demonstrate when they open their doors and blast the latest tunes to demonstrate their wonderful musical taste to the cutie down the hall.

I mean, I would never just broadcast that I had finished Christopher Hitchens’ God is Not Great, while also tackling David Foster Wallace’s collection of essays, Consider the Lobster, just shortly after polishing off Deathly Hallows, while slipping through Allan Kahane’s beachable (yet thought-provoking) Fire with Fire.

I would never do that. I’ve just been too busy laughing at John McPhee’s succulently reminiscent tale in the latest New Yorker, and brooding over Fred Thompson’s chops in the New York magazine review by Stephen Rodrick.


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