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Call for Help: Veronica Seeks Sweet Bkln Apt

Posted by Josh Friedlander | 1 Comment

New Yorkers are just soulless about real estate. Not a single one of you commented or emailed to help Veronica find an apartment.

We understand. New York real estate is cutthroat. But come on, people? You’ll get another chance….we’ll see how you do then. But that’s it. Two chances. This ain’t baseball, people. This ain’t Hinduism. Better make the next one count.

Oh, and she found an apartment. In Brooklyn. With a garden.

* * *

apartment-hunting.jpgWe at American Madness are big believers in Community Service, so occassionally we’ll appeal to you, our loyal readers, to aid a fellow human being, be that person poor, hungry…or even the brave Inwood dweller desperately looking to move back to her roots in Brooklyn.

Please, if you have any soul at all, take a moment to consider the needs of Veronica, friend to American Madness, who hath reached out for our help in her hour of need and who hath written her request in the craigslist real estate lingo we all love:

Looking for a spacious below-market-rate jewel in the heart of any of Brooklyn’s most sought-after areas (Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Windsor Terrace, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Fort Greene, just to name a few).

One bedroom or studio will do. Hardwood floors a must. Near major subway station a must (i.e. no “shuttles” please).

Any person with information leading to a signing of a contract will be generously compensated with food and drink–and good company.

AmericanMadness can attest to the quality of the company. Please send all suggestions/deals/secret tips to: JFPress @ (GEE MAIL DOT COM.)


One Response to “Call for Help: Veronica Seeks Sweet Bkln Apt

  1. veronica
    September 7th, 2007 @

    Josh is so the man!

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