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Sanyo-Bussan International Lifesaving Cup Results

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Sanyo BadgeAs you may have read here before (since this is my third time mentioning it here in 3 weeks), this past weekend was the Sanyo Bussan International Lifesaving Cup held on the beach in Kanagawa, Japan.

You might be familiar with this beach from the iconic picture “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” by Katsushika Hokusai. Okay, well, there really isn’t a beach in that picture, but that would be the view from the beach we were on if the weather had been nicer and their hadn’t been a tsunami.

Anyway, I go the chance to join Team USA as they competed. At first I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of a lifeguard competition. By the end of the day I was right there next to the coach cheering the team on.

Unfortunately my cheering was not enough. The Australians swept the competition, medaling in every event (winning mostly golds) followed closely by the South Africans and Japan’s A team (as the host nation, Japan fielded 2 teams). For the USA, both the men and women won some medals, leaving at the end of the day with three bronze and one silver if I recall correctly (it would have been four bronze, but the men’s team got disqualified in the Tube Rescue event for going the wrong way around a buoy).

Though I had been following Analisa for the Beach Flags competition she unfortunately did not medal in it. She was knocked out of the competition due to a speedy Brit and a bad lane, though, like a champ, she came out of it with a smile.

Beyond Beach Flags, she also participated as the ‘victim’ in the Women’s Tube Rescue (the U.S. placed 5th) and was the sprinter in the Taplin Relay (they placed an amazing 4th and would have done better had their not been an issue with the surf-ski).

Overall, Team USA came in 4th (I believe), but did an amazing job (especially in the Men’s Taplin Relay where Chad Carvin moved from 4th place to 1st in the swimming portion of the relay and the team ended up getting a silver).

Despite having the designation as a team member, I did not compete at all (which was a good thing for both Team USA and my out-of-shape body).


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