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Daily Dose of Literature to Your Inbox

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Do you ever find yourself with a bunch of time on your hands, wishing you had something to do or something good to read? Checking your email on a regular basis, hoping for a well scribed note that gives you joy to read? Well, now there is a solution to these problems, well sort of…

DailyLit is a website inspired by serialized novels, the aim is to give you the time to catch-up on some of the classics you may have missed or have been meaning to get around to. Offering over 400 titles that are in the public domain, DailyLit breaks each one down into sections readable in about 5 minutes of time. ce you set up your account you can choose how often you get installments and at what time. Find yourself with a few extra minutes on your hand? Well, you can request the next installment immediately.

Books are easy to sort through and arranged by title, by author and even by category. So, what are you waiting for? Now is your chance to read War and Peace, broken down into 675 easy to read emails.


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