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Super Soldiers – Day II

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Even with all the Super Soldier postings listed yesterday there were still a few I didn’t get a chance to cover, so we are following up with a couple of more Super Soldier postings today, not to worry, thee will be other content as well.

We start the day with a tidbit from Aviation Week: We have another DARPA project (Actually DARPAtech according to the article) that deals with MEMS program or Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems, basically very very small computers. Actually, the focus is on a subgroup of the MEMS program, the HI-MEMS- Hybrid Insect Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems.

Researchers are injecting MEMS into moths during the pupa stage of development and become integrated into the moths’ bodies. They have got this covered and, apparently it works, now they are working on figuring out what they can actually do with this technology.

Yes, you read that correctly, they decided to fiddle about with moths, impeding mini-computers into them and yet they have no application yet for doing this. Kind of seems a bit backwards.

Researchers are working to figure out if they’ll be able to use the MEMS to control the moth’s flight and are working on other applications that might be possible. Dr. Amit Lal, who presented on this topic “closed his presentation with references to science fiction and fantasy: R2-D2 helped Luke pilot his X-Wing fighter. Could insects assist human flight?”


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