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At The Bar: Tequila!

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 2 Comments

I am a fan of tequila. Pretty much all kinds, bottom of the barrel well tequila, Cuervo, Patron and some of the nicer ones I’ve had whose name I can’t remember at all. Recently I had a new tequila called Partida.

Made in Amatitan, Mexico from 100% blue agave Partida comes in 4 varieties: Blanco, Resposado, Anejo and Elegante. The big difference is how long they have been aged the Blanco hasn’t been aged at all, the Reposado 6 months, the Anejo 18 months and the Elegante 3 years. Unfortunately for me, I have only gotten a chance to taste the Blanco, Resposado and Anejo.

First off, this isn’t a shooting tequila. Partida, across the board has way too much flavor for shots, it also isn’t nearly as harsh as something like Cuervo. This is a sipping tequila, it is really enjoyable and has some really nice flavor. The three varieties I had were all exceptionally smooth.

The Blanco had a gentle flavor and, according to the tasting notes I received, “crisp and clean… with notes of citrus.” Normally this is the type of stuff I would mock, butit is pretty spot on. Really, if you think you might like the tast of tequila but find its just a little too harsh for you, start with the Blanco, no salt or limes necessary.

The Resposado is the 6 month aged tequila, as the aging occurs in smoked wood barrels, it has a slightly smoky flavor to it, not very much, but just a hint of its smokiness. I didn’t quite get the “Aromas of chocolate and vanilla, hazelnut and almond” that the tasting notes referred to, but definitely tasted the “deep, rich finish.”

The Anejo was aged for 18 months, it has a beautiful golden color (you can actually see the difference between each bottle, the Blanco is clear, the Resposado is between the Blanco and Anejo and, I can only assume, the Elegante is the darkest), and an incredible flavor. According to the tasting notes it has “soft honey fruit tones” as much as I would like to mock this statement I just can’t, I actually commented when drinking it (before reading the tasting notes, I didn’t want to influence my perception) that the margarita had a sweet almost honey like taste to it. Originally I thought it was from the agave nectar, apparently it was from the tequila.

These are all excellent tequilas. I’d highly recommend tracking down a bottle if you can. though they may be a bit on the pricier side, they truly are excellent. I can’t recommend them enough. I just hope one day I eventually get to try the Elegante. This really is tequila worth hunting for.

Oh and included with the tequila I got to try were a bunch of recipes. I only got to try the margarita though since I only had so much tequila:

1 oz lime juice
3/4 oz pure agave nectar
3/4 oz spring water
1.5 oz tequila

NO SALT (this was specified both in the paper with the recipe as well as on the agave nectar)

This was possibly one of the best margaritas I have ever had.

I will spare you the details about the Partida Plantation and their generations of experience making tequila. You don’t need the history of tequila or what qualifies as actual tequila. I won’t put you through having to read about the chairman. I’d tell you more about the Elegante, but it would just be a tease to both of us (did I mention I’d love to try it? At $350 a bottle I don’t think I will get the chance though… But if anyone is looking for a nice gift for me…). I could tell you about the Partida family legacy or the land the agave is grown on or the process of making tequila, or even the history of tequila (they sent me quite a bit of information… a bunch I already knew from watch the History Channel’s show Modern Marvels, they did one on distilling) but why? Just know it is a damn good tequila, if I had a choice this would definitely be my first choice of tequila.

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2 Responses to “At The Bar: Tequila!”

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  2. Mommie's Little Monster
    February 19th, 2008 @

    If you like Partida (the tequila I currently have on my shelf) try Chinaco and Casa Noble. I was recently at Tommy’s (the restaurant/bar shown in the History Channel program) and it was awsome experience.

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