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Food Art

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Um, somehow this made it into the Dining & Wine section of the New York Times, as opposed to say the Arts & Entertainment section.

What we have here is the art of Annie Sessler. She makes some beautiful prints of fish and other aquatic life-forms. I guess technically it does have some food relation in that she uses real fish to make the prints an, well, after she is done making the prints her husband chops up the fish and serves them for dinner… He is also the fisherman who catches them, but really the most interesting part of the process are the prints themselves.

Sessler has a great eye for color combinations for the ink and the fabric, the scaling on the fish turns into vivid colors with great details. Unfortunately her prints, while beautiful, sell for $2,500+. You can check out more on her website. And here is the NY Times article that accompanied the slide show.


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