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What are you reading?

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 1 Comment

A friend just introduced me to Good Reads, a website for those of us who still read books and have lives off-line. Basically it is yet another social networking site, but this one is based off of your reading interests. Invite your friends and compare books you have read and books you have in common. See which of your friends like the types of book you like to read and which are into the newest economics books that just hit the shelves.

Though it takes a bit of time to set up, and you can spend hours going through books you have read and trying to remember and rate them all, once you get it all set up it is a neat way to track what you and your friends are reading and keep in touch with them and even trade books with them.

I just signed up and am working on getting my books listed (I actually have been keeping track of all the books I read this year so it might take me some time to list all of them). As I have just discovered the site I can’t fully comment on it, but it looks like it has a lot going on, you can even offer books up to trade or sell and create a book shelf of books you are planning on reading. Seems pretty interesting and looks like it is worth checking out.


One Response to “What are you reading?”

  1. Josh
    August 7th, 2007 @


    Is it necessary to put my entire brain (hobbies, interests, sexual desires, food preferences) onto this crazed menagerie of networking sites? There’s no need to get to know anyone anymore or discuss anything. Just send them to facebook, myspace, friendster, twitter…

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