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Dinner with American Madness: Babbo

Posted by Josh Friedlander | 2 Comments

(The second in our ongoing series.)

BabboI tend to cry wolf a bit in lauding good meals, though I do also write a lot of nasty reviews. But of all the meals I can remember, last night’s, at Babbo, was among the most fun I’ve ever had.

The restaurant’s culinary excellence has been widely established and I can really add very little to what has been said. But the food is, of course, complemented by the wine, and in this case more precisely than I have ever experienced. And the service was more than reserved and up to task, but actually a positive aspect of the meal, and in New York how often can you say that!?

Add in the presence of a great friend and you have the ingredients for a very memorable evening.

Outside of the food, the highlight of our experience was the absurdly young and outrageously talented sommelier Joseph Campanale, who selected our accompanying wines and provided my friend and I with an education in the pairings.

Joe is definitely a future star of the New York dining scene. He loves wine and he’s spent years studying his trade (“his art,” if you prefer).

He and friends are launching their own restaurant, which should debut this year at a location on Jane Street. I am pushing hard to get on the opening night guest list.

Joe is currently interviewing chefs, and I think we are breaking the news here on AM, as I’ve not seen mention of it on the food blogs. I will keep you updated.

A note: you may have to book Babbo about one month in advance. I did so myself today, and thankfully have another reservation lined up for late August. However, if you are — like my dining companion — a veritable King of Wall Street, you probably know friends of the owner’s family and can get a seat one day in advance. Good luck with that!

Sometimes it’s a charmed life….
Babbo in New York


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