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Cooking With Christopher

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There is a new(-ish) website around now called I’m Cooked.
It is the type of site where folks who watch the Food Network and feel that they could make better cooking shows then Sandra Lee (and really, who can’t) can come and post their videos of cooking in the kitchen.

Like YouTube or Funny or Die it is all based on user submitted content, but they have some “shows” like A Coupla Fat Guys Cooking, but what really puts the site over the top, like any other website is the celebrity endorsement.

Funny Or Die has Will Ferrell, You Tube has every presidential candidate that you have ever heard of (and some you probably haven’t heard of. I’m Cooked has Christopher Walken. He prepares a chicken with roast pears. Now come on, who doesn’t want to make chicken like Christopher Walken?


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