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Picnic Mobs

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Are you in to picnic-ing and meeting new people? If so this could be the website for you to check out:

PicnicMob is just that, a network that connects people who like to picnic and meet new folks can sign up for “flash mob” type picnics. To try and make things work a little better and connect you with like minded folks, PicnicMob has a 30 question survey you fill out and then they feed it through their computers to figure out where you’ll fit in best at the picnic and the type of people who should be seated around you.

Basically it is social networking in real time. Instead of signing onto something like MySpace or Friendster or Facebook and looking for groups to join and meet new people they arrange the groups and you just show up and meet these folks.

According tot he explanation of how it works on the website:

Once enough people have signed up in a given city we’ll announce an official “picnicmob” day! Our goal is a thousand people per town. That’s a lot of people, but that’s how many we think are needed for this idea to *really* start getting interesting… We need your help- Tell you friends about our site if you really want this to happen! Once the date comes close you will be emailed a customized map of the neighborhood park (sample) that shows exactly where you should sit and fun stats on the various “neighborhoods” in the park.

Sounds pretty interesting and could be pretty fun, especially if you are looking to meet new people who share your interests.


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