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Where did that come from?

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“Kameraflage is display technology specifically designed for the camera-phone generation.”

Or at least that is what the website touts it as.

As we all know the human eye can only see a limited array of colors. We hit the UV or IR marks and we don’t see a thing. Digital Camera’s and displays on the other hand pick up a lot more colors then the human eye and can translate them into viewable colors and images for us. Kemeraflage plays off of this concept.

Basically the Kameraflage technology adds a layer to things that is only visible when viewed through the camera. Some of the applications that they suggest are within movies, for subtitles or hidden messages, secret advertisements or messages at historic locations, rather then obstruct the view of the location, have messages on the walls around it that only show in pictures (of course the argument could be made that it then ruins the picture…) and on clothing, which I think is kind of the neatest application.

According to the website:

kameraflage fashionTM forces people to think about the reproduction of images in the age of ubiquitous digital imaging devices. Kenneth Cole once said that “In cities everyone is on camera hundreds of times each day. Will you be dressed for it?”. kameraflageTM is uniquely positioned to allow designers to create garments and accessories that speak specifically to those who are viewing through a digital camera viewfinder or who view the resulting digital image.

kameraflageTM allows for a new level of expression for those who are required to wear a uniform. Students at private schools and employees of chain-stores will be able to express themselves to their cameraphone toting peers. Will entities that seek to enforce dress-codes be able to combat this technology? Because it is only perceptible within the confines of mediated reality (cyberspace), yet exists in physical-reality, any attempt to control this form of expression will result in forcing people to discuss this decidedly modern grey-area.

Apparently at the 2006 Fall Fashion week they even had a model wearing some of their clothes. Really interesting concept, now just wait until some one has the brilliant idea of using this technology to coat license plates, so when the camera snaps a photo of your plate all they get as an image is your cute little message to them.


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