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Finding an Open Line

Posted by Matt Cipriano | No Comments

You must be tired of hunting down coffee shops with free WiFi every time you want to use the internet. Gotta be tired of having to check all the connections that you can see from your apartment, looking for the one that is open without a password.

Well then this is the program you have been waiting for. iStumbler is a program you can download to your computer that will use your wireless card to search the waves and let you know which networks are around you that you can connect to and which of those networks is not password protected.

Of course, you need to also not care that you are piggybacking on soemone else’s network and, essentially, stealing from them (though stealing bandwidth is a pretty abstract concept of theft).

So, if you don’t have high-speed at home (and you use a Mac) then you might want to check out iStumbler for yourself.


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