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Those Crazy Finns

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Have you ever been pissed at your mobile phone?

I mean really pissed, to the point where you just want to take it throw it across a room.

Apparently the Finnish get that way some times, in fact it occurs so much that they started the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship. The competition has been going on since 2000 and has 3 different categories in both men and women’s divisions, as well as a junior category.

In a FAQ about the competition the question is asked Why do People Throw[the phones]?:

Finland is known as the home country of the mobile phones and Finns have always been very fashion-conscious about the phones. Many Europeans wonder why the Finns buy brand new phones when the old one is still working. For the interpreters and translators who work globally the mobile phone is a common tool when working and a part of accessory in the freetime.

Mobile phone is an essential part of us that connects us to nearly anywhere in the world but when you most need it the battery runs out or your sweetheart doesn’t answer or some one doesn’t return your call. Hope, anticipation, passion and frustration concentrates on mobile phone.

So, wind up your throwing arm, get it in shape and get your ticket to the Finlan for the 2007 World Championships, held at the end of August.


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