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Rock… Paper… Channel Up…

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Are todays remote controls too much for you? The tedium of pushing buttons too strenuous? Getting Carpal Tunnel from trying to find something decent to watch? Well worry no more-

From the International Reporter we get an article about a new cocncept for a remote control, Basically it is a video camera that hooks up to your A/V equipment which will recognize your hand gestures and be able to perform such tasks as switch equipment on and off, alter the volume, change channels, play and stop.

Dr Premaratne, one of the creators said that anyone could learn the gestures within five minutes. The concept should be on store shelves within 3 years.

Okay, I get it, they are playing off the popularity of the Nintendo Wii, but some one might want to mention to them that 1- Three years from now it might not be quite so popular anymore and 2- the remote control is not the most complex thing to learn how to master, especially with its intuitively name buttons like “Channel Up,” “Power,” and “Play.”


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