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Re-Designing a classic

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 1 Comment

As product designs seem to age almost instantly, many companies out there are revamping their products, working to gussy them up, draw more attention to the packaging and get people to buy their products based on the flash they are showing, especially in the soda industry. Pepsi is currently rolling out a different can every three weeks with a bunch of different microsites like this one and this one. Mountain Dew had its Green Label Series. Now Sprite, after years with the same green can, has joined the impatient parade, redesigning its cans in the past year with a new “updated” design and logo.

Well, despite all of this redesign and flash, there is one brand that is taking a different track: Coca-Cola. Coke has hopped on the redesign band wagon, but rather then going for a new flashier image they have toned down their can.

Gone are the multiple “waves,” the bubbles, and different shades of red. The new can design plays on the tradition of Coke: a plain and simple a solid red can with the Coke logo (and of course, underneath, the word ‘classic’) with a single wave.

The new design evokes the tradition of Coca-Cola and brings it back to its status of an American Classic. Sometimes simple can say a lot more about a product then can flash.


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