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Maybe We’re Just Ahead of the Curve

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 1 Comment

I’ve written about how the NY Times has used material that we have written about (and gotten their facts wrong… Isn’t that what fact checkers are suppose to do? Check facts, make sure they arent wrong) and New York Magazine.

Today’s theft of materials comes to us from Thrillist:

Gear: Headhoods
$40-55 at
Sure these start with a ubiquitous American Apparel canvas, but pulling up the hood reveals that the side’ve been hand-printed with profiles of the King of Hearts, gorilla man, Elvis, and other figures so cool, you’ll need a second, over-hoodie so they too can shroud themselves in the coveted street look they so richly deserve to rock.

Appearing in “The List” a few days after I posted it on our site… A little too coincidental if you ask me. I at least had the good grace of contacting HeadHoods and asking some questions before writing them up. (also I believe it should be “sides’ve”). Give credit where credit is due, at least they found a different picture to use.


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  1. Paul Woodland
    July 13th, 2007 @

    Don’t sweat it. Imitation is as you know…

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