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Designer Water Bottles

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 3 Comments

And now we jump from ice to bottled water.

I have seen well designed Evian bottles before. Adam actually has one sitting in his living room. That one though is a limited edition bottle made for a special event (if I recall correctly). Evian is now producing a luxury bottle.

Let’s start with a little bottled water history:
In 1984 Evian came to America. it’s popularity was based on having a great marketing campaign, targeting Young Urban Professionals and also pushing itself as an “anytime” drink with its lightweight plastic bottle you could take with you anywhere. According to Fast Company:

Evian was also a still water, which Americans prefer; and it was the first to offer a plastic bottle nationwide. The clear bottle allowed us to see the water–how clean and refreshing it looked on the shelf. Americans have never wanted water in cans, which suggest a tinny aftertaste before you take a sip. The plastic bottle, in fact, did for water what the pop-top can had done for soda: It turned water into an anywhere, anytime beverage, at just the moment when we decided we wanted a beverage, everywhere, all the time.

Well, after dominating the US market in the 80s, Evian is looking to step up its game. Evian is looking towards high end restaurants to start serving their water, but in order to cater to these restaurants Evian has developed a new glass luxury bottle.

The Palace bottle (as it is called) will only be available at restaurants, nightclubs and hotels for $5-$10. Servers will have to watch a training video, teaching them the appropriate way to pour water (which apparently will include a clip about taking off the plastic cap and replacing it with a “curvy” shiny stainless steel one and describing the water as it is being poured). Business Week quotes Evian N.A.’s marketing VP Marc Jacheet as saying “it’s affordable luxury.”


3 Responses to “Designer Water Bottles”

  1. Toño
    August 1st, 2007 @

    Unas fotitos

  2. lisaveta
    August 31st, 2007 @

    I saw these on EBay, they’re pretty nice, maybe when you’re having a party or something.

  3. American Madness » Blog Archive » Evian Palace Bottle
    October 10th, 2007 @

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