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Slow Start

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Okay, I am off to a slow start today, but I have a bunch of stuff I want to post. Let’s see what I am able to get to this afternoon and hope that not too much is left for tomorrow and I can start fresh then.

Let’s begin with A great website as far as I am concerned, unlike CitySearch I am not going to bash Amazon today. Instead I am going to comment on some of the… “odder” postings I have found there recently. Part of it is related to the items themselves, the other part is the great comments that these items have received.

First up we have the JL421 Badonkadonk land Cruiser/Tank by NAO. You look at the first picture and think that it has got to be something straight out of Star Wars, maybe a toy or something, until you see the $19,999.95 price tag. Continue reading and you find out it is an actual vehicle you can purchase (not for actual road use) customized to your specification and all. Start reading the comments and you get a bunch of humor “Finally, a tank you can trust” says that one of the only negatives is that the tank shows up on radar. “Limited armament options, AC not trustworthy…” complains that the plastic package it comes in is difficult to open. Some real laughs there.

Then on the “Customers who viewed this item also viewed” section of the page I found a link to Fresh Whole Rabbit. You guessed it, they are actually selling frozen rabbits on Amazon. Interesting in its own way to begin with, but check out the pictures posted for the rabbit first, clearly a couple customers have a bit of a sense of humor about this one as well. But again the comedy is truly in the comments. User joeytonz complains that “The only problem is, I’m done with it. Why can’t I sell my own fresh whole rabbit in the “used” section? Seems unfair to me for Amazon to have a monopoly on cold, naked, dead rabbits.” maus”maus” talks about the dinner party where they served this to “Sir Elmer Fudd, Wille E. Coyote” and a group of other bunny loving folks.

If you are in need of a laugh you’ve got to check these pages out.


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