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This Post 82% Certified Green

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Apparently Penelope Cruz is jumping on the Green bandwagon as the lead story on Yahoo “What are some inexpensive tips to turn my house green?” This is just another of the bullshit Green articles I will not link to.

First off, why does Penelope Cruz need “inexpensive” tips? Did she gamble all of her money away from Volver? Or is she just to cheap to really care about the environment?

If you couldn’t tell I am tired of the current Green movement. It is not that I don’t believe there is a problem, cause there clearly is. It is this current fad of Green being a hot topic and getting lots of press. I feel like Green has become a catch phrase to sell more newspapers (which, if they truly believed in the green process would only produce online editions…) and get higher rating during sweeps week for news programs.

I have argued before that the government needs to up its involvement in the Green movement and then maybe this trend will last beyond teaching you to shut off your lights when you leave your apartment and was recently presented with the counter argument that Republican don’t really care about the environment. Well, guess what, the Republicans aren’t the only ones, because while this might be a hot topic for Democrats, since they took control of the House and the Senate I haven’t seen much improvement. Really forcing Green regulations on big businesses is just going to hurt the money coming in to all politicians.

I am also tired of hearing about companies like BP who are investing in finding alternate energy possibilities and are spending so many billions of dollars to build green buildings. Yeah, well BP has that money to spare to do this research and build these buildings. Want to know why? Because of relaxed environmental regulations that allow them to make billions upon billions of dollars each year by exploiting the worlds dependency on petroleum, they maybe trying to change their image and name to Beyond Petroleum. But they built themselves up as British Petroleum and are still reeling in the cash.

On a slightly more positive note: Ikea has decided to start charging for bags in the US, but has reduced the price of their reusable bags. Money raised by charging for bags will go to American Forests, the US’s oldest citizens nonprofit conservation organization. You can find more info about this on the Ikea website as well.

Also some architecture Greenery:
A new skyscraper going up in Dubai will produce its own energy
And some conceptual designs for some “Eco-Towers” that will harness the power of the wind


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