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Democrats are Pansies

Posted by Matt Cipriano | 2 Comments

In 1998 President Clinton discreetly got a BJ in his office. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the best thinking on his part to do this while on the phone with some other world leaders, but hey, no one lost their life over it.

Months later, when this news leaked out, the Republicans (and folks at Fox News) flipped, they saw weakness and they struck. Not only did they run every one of their campaigns since 1998 on Family Values and their moral superiority (as they continue to do), but they called for Clinton to be impeached. And, as we all know, this was not just the public, this was everyone.

Clinton getting a little something-something under his desk was such a scandal that the Republicans in office thought they might actually have a chance to impeach the president. While they failed at doing so (as they should have), they were able to create a platform to run on for the next presidential election and a core set of beliefs that made them appear superior to enough people to keep them in office for a while.

The Republican Machine saw the President’s screw-ups (no pun intended) as a chance to build up their own platform; not just with subtle innuendo during their campaigning, but by making it a national issue for everyone to see.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2005. President Bush has just acknowledged that the WMD’s that we were positive were in Iraq, thus prompting us to go to war in 2003, well, they may not be there after all. Oh and those close ties that Iraq had with Osama may not exist either, and that Mission Accomplished banner, well, it may have been a White House PR faux pas, but who are they to take credit for their mistakes?

So, at this point in 2005, we are now aware as a country that we have been lied to not once, but at least a few times already about this war we are involved in. Okay, cool, time for the White House to make it up to us, right? Maybe call back some of our troops, tell France and Germany they were right in the first place and that this was an unjustified war, and basically ease off a little, right? Well, apparently not, instead it is time to increase troops in Iraq. And we see this tactic again and again. We fucked up, something is going wrong, let’s increase troops.

Fast forward to 2007. The Democrats have finally gotten power back in the House and the Senate. The people have decided they are tired of the B.S. we are being fed on a daily basis by the people in power and want to see a change. Instead, what do we get? Lies from the Attorney General about firing judges because they were a bit more Democrat then the Republicans liked. The President allowing “behind closed door” testimony to Rove and Miers in the same scandal, essentially so they would not tarnish their names too badly when they ran for re-election. As well as a number of other Presidential blunders, including threats to Congress if they did not back his plans for escalating the effort in Iraq.

Now I ask: Where are the calls for impeachment? Our current President is not only doing serious damage to our country and our relations with foreign nations, but also causing the deaths of thousands in Iraq (as of today at least 3320, while we wait on confirmation from the Department of Defense on another 12).

Why don’t the Democrats have the backbone to call for the President to be impeached? I have been waiting for a long time to hear the rally cries and to see President Bush II thrown to the lions, and yet there is nothing, and I think I know why: The Democrats are scared.

Finally back in control of the House and the Senate, the Democrats are scared if they make to much noise, if they raise too much of a fuss now that they will screw up their chances of getting back the White House in 2008. And, honestly, maybe they should be.

The Democrats don’t have the the same machine behind them that the Republicans do. When they Republicans motivate, they get all of their people behind them. They present a single message and unify to defeat the evil left. They do it right. The Democrats and those who vote for them are much more of an un-unified front.

The big message currently pushed by the Democrats is “We are not the other side.” This can only get you so far in unification. It will work for an election or two, but then you need to unify with a new message to keep all of your people together, but really what does the left believe in enough to all vote on the same way? The Democrats are so scared that they can’t unify their own party enough to call for the impeachment of Bush. Maybe this is good, though, because if they did, it would certainly be a polarizing enough issue to rally the Republican Machine to make a big push for Giuliani or McCain.

Now, I find out that there exist others who feel this way, others who think Bush needs to go and not just leave a mess for someone else to clean up when he walks out the door in 636 days, but far sooner. On April 28th, this Saturday there will be natiowide Impeachment Protests (which probably could have had a better name (Like “Impeachment Demonstrations,” as they are not protesting the idea of impeachment). Check out the locations for each protest at

And in related news: Kucinich announced on Sunday that he is going to start filing articles of impeachment against Cheney. This could strengthen Kucinich’s run for president; we know it can’t hurt. It’s a start.


2 Responses to “Democrats are Pansies”

  1. Jason
    April 29th, 2007 @

    I think calling for impeachment of Presidents because we don’t like what they say or the way they run the country sets dangerous precedent. The Constitution is vague with regard to impeachment, saying simply that a President may be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Andrew Johnson was impeached because the House thought he was vetoing too many of its bills. Clinton was impeached technically because he committed perjury (although not really and he managed to wriggle his way out of it because he has a brilliant command of the English language). Agree with the Iraq invasion or not, agree with the reasons or not, I don’t see how Bush has done anything to seriously warrant threats of impeachment. And the suggestion that he be impeached is the same kind of partisan vengeance that a Republican House foisted upon Clinton 9 years ago. If the Democrats move to impeach Bush then we potentially start a pattern of impeaching the president any time there’s an opposition Congress. Impeachment should be reserved for serious offenses against the country.

  2. MattC
    April 30th, 2007 @

    Sorry if I was unclear- My reasoning for questioning of why no one is trying to impeach Bush is not based on my beliefs that he is an awful president and disagreeing with his policies and the way he runs the country. I think he willfully deceived the public. I think the whole WMD was bullshit and that most cabinet members knew this as well. Bush shouldn’t be impeached because I dislike his policies and think the Farley Brothers have a better grasp on Foreign Relations, but rather because he and his representatives have willfully mislead us. In other words, perjury.
    I also think there is an argument that could be made for his willful disregard of the constitution and his feeling that because he is president he can do what ever he likes (like fire judges who tend to lean a little too far to the left for his liking), but I haven’t really studied up on constitutional law recently so I am not sure where to begin with that one.

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